Our objective with the TPR2, (Tracking Pre Regulator), was to produce the simplest circuit capable of supplying clean DC current to an item of audio equipment with none of the drawbacks of the LM317 circuit while maintaining ease of use and set up within a modest footprint.

We’ve exploited the feedback system of the LM317 in such a way as to eliminate as many of the limitations of this device as is possible. Using twin LM317s in a configuration where the first device is used provide DC current to the second whilst at the same time, tracking the output of the second device in a precise way.

Not content with this improved configuration, we’ve utilised a precision voltage source, impervious to fluctuations, to provide an all important stable voltage reference for the voltage regulators.

Capable of delivering over one ampere with suitable heat sinking, the TPR2 offers rejection of line borne interference by an order of magnitude resulting in a blacker audio background than can be otherwise experienced and because the reaction times to deliver transient current are faster, musical notes have that extra precision in tempo.

Even more crucial, is the ability of the TPR system to stop when the transient requirement has ended meaning less of the smearing effect sometimes noticed in heavy bass lines.·

  • High quality double layer PCB· Solid copper heatsink
  • Tight tolerance SMT resistors
  • Extremely precise voltage reference IC
  • Quality miniature electrolytic and film capacitors
  • Voltage trim positioned on PCB for easy adjustment