The Avondale MiniCap 6 power supply was originally developed for NAP110/140 owners, and since its original introduction the MiniCap 6 has become an extremely popular choice among DIY audiophiles for power supplies in a large variety of applications.Most power supply sections in Hifi amps and external supplies consist of, after a transformer, nothing more, than a cheap bridge rectifier and a pair of large, inexpensive reservoir capacitors.
This solution, while adequate for basic operation, will generally deliver a slower, less musical sound than can be attained with some added care and attention to the design.
Considering that the power supply feeds all of the delicate sections in the amplifier circuit, as well as the large output devices – stable power supply rails, especially under heavy transient swings, are required for clear sound reproduction.
We have taken the extra steps above the standard design to use a CLCLC circuit arrangement i.e capacitor – inductor – capacitor – inductor – capacitor.
Using a bank of smaller capacitors, split using inductors rather than two large units greatly improves the speed of the amplifier. Moreover, noise levels are reduced as the charging times have been cut. In addition we have also selected ultra fast, high current rectification diodes as standard to further increase the signal to noise ratio.
Using this improved design, as well as utilising cherry picked components for high performance and ease of installation we are proud to offer you the Avondale Minicap 6 power supply.