It helps to appreciate that all commercial products are designed to a fixed price. Over the years, Les has amassed a veritable encyclopaedic knowledge of just where the money was saved during design and has researched an ideal replacement part for just such a situation. Sometimes, the substitution of just a few parts in a particular system leads to a substantial lift in perceived performance whilst in others, more reconstructive steps, have to be taken such as replacement of the regulator assembly in the NaimHiCap by the highly sophisticated TPR4.

Replacement of the original NAP amplifier boards of the NAP250 is a very popular upgrade and as we take the original boards in part-exchange for the NCC200s, means a very cost effective route for the Naim owner seeking an upgrade.

These are just some of the projects we offer and the range of improvements is enormous and growing with every month.

We tend to generate close relationships with our clients and a simple request for a return ‘phone call will enable us to discern where your appetite lies and what might be the best way to achieve just the level of improvement you seek.

Future Projects

Currently under development is a module for the XPS power supply where the entire capacitor/regulator assembly is replaced by our own and at a cost only a fraction that of the DR model from Naim.

The voicing of the Avondale NCC300 amplifier module is well advanced and will be available to NAP135 owners once the auxiliary PCB design is completed later this year. To whet the appetite: The NAP135s will be elevated by this mod to the status of ‘Super Amp’ having an output of over 125 Watts into most loads with speaker protection on-board.

We also work with selected specialists in the audiophile amplifiers and upgrades market, including Simon Hamnett who sells and upgrades Linn loudspeakers, and Naim amplifiers incorporating Avondale products. Working with customers all over the world on a one to one basis we’re happy to recommend his services; he can be contacted via his website at

Please bookmark our website and Facebook pages and check for further announcements on these and other exciting developments.

“The SuperCap is sounding better and better, it was quite a shock the first time I listened to it because you do not realise how big an improvement it is.

You get so used to the sound of your own system (with the old power regs) that when a big improvement happens it really knocks you back.”