For our new TPR4 we took the Tracking Pre Regulator system
with its uniquely agile circuit and gave it a new kiss of life.

Providing the circuit with a ground-plane strategy - well known
in radio frequency design as being essential for stability, we
then added a pre-regulator system to initially smooth the
incoming supply.  Adding storage of the resulting smooth DC,
we were then able to incorporate the TPR system surrounded
by carefully calculated decoupling components for the ultimate
in delivery of the entire audio bandwidth.

The result is one of the most accomplished regulator
configurations we've produced.  Deceptively simple (aren't all
the best designs?), this module is designed to be a drop-in item
for the Supercap and the 52PS power supplies.  Simply
installed by the average DIYer, this module has been said to
improve even upon the DR from Naim.

Available to fit the Supercap and 52PS without any modification
to these supplies, a second version, to suit the Hicap is now
also available. 

Exquisitely produced, this module will bring high-end
performance to the power supplies by Naim Audio, better within
the reach of the enthusiast.

Thick 2mm PCB substrate with gold plated pads
Double thickness copper track for reduced impedance
Tight tolerance SMT resistors
Extremely precise voltage reference IC
High grade Panasonic electrolytics and film capacitors
Voltage trims positioned on PCB top edge for easy
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Due to the extremely high demand, please allow up to 3 weeks delivery on this item