Some twenty or so years ago, Avondale owner, Les Wolstenholme encountered a range of capacitors made in Italy.  Keen to try these as his then favourite product, Philips 104 series, was nearing obsolescence, he approached the importer to order samples.

Surprisingly, the Kendeils (pronounced KENDALE), although having not quite the same characteristics as the Philips or the original SLCE fitted to Naim equipment at the time, displayed more than enough strengths in many sonic areas.  Over the twenty years of supplying literally thousands of Kendeil capacitors to the enthusiast fraternity, not one has proved to be faulty, a boast not possibly made by other manufacturers.

Now considered the yardstick by which other capacitors are judged, Kendeils offer one of the finest upgrades to your equipment you can make and with an anticipated service life of over twenty years, will deliver worry-free service for year upon year.

Avondale is one of two authorised distributors of Kendeil products to the audio sector, the other being Witch Hat Audio.  Any Kendeil product offered by other enterprises will not be supplied via the authorised UK importer and will therefore not be covered in the UK by the extensive product guarantees underwritten by Adex Technical Limited - the official UK importer of Kendeil products.
Kendeil K01 - Pair 22,000uF 63v Audio Grade Capacitors
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Kendeil K05 - Single 10,000uF 63v Audio Grade Capacitor
Kendeil K05 - Single 6800uF 63v Audio Grade Capacitor
Kendeil K05 - Single 10,000uF 50v Audio Grade Capacitor
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