Avondale Audio HCR200 Regulator Modules
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The new Avondale Audio HCR200 is being introduced for those
listeners whom would like to experience the increased detail,
transparency and overall musical insight brought forward by
accurate regulation of the power supply. The power supply feeds
the delicate circuits that deal with the signal, stable, precise power
supply rails, even under heavy transient swings, result in clearer
sound reproduction.

The circuit, carefully modified by Les Wolstenholme, is largely
based upon the original 'NAPS' regulator circuit, that used in the
well-known Naim NAP250 and NAP135 power amplifiers. 

Using this improved design, highest grade available components
and painstaking layout we are proud to bring you the new High
Current Regulator.  A few of the immediate upgrades in the layout
and materials are:

Thick 2mm PCB substrate with gold plated pads
Double thickness copper track for reduced impedance
Tight tolerance metal film resistors
Premium Polystyrene capacitors
High grade Panasonic electrolytics
Significantly raised current capability
None intrusive, independent thermal cut off implementation

Suited to the Naim NAP180, NAP250, NAP135 though the modular
design lends itself perfectly to those who would like to try them in
their own build.
For more information please download our brochure on our range of regulator modules.
This product is undergoing final adjustments before release.