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Bridge rectifiers.  Often overlooked, yet a crucial stage when
considering high performance audio. 

The standard parts used in mainstream amplifiers are multiple
1N40xx/1N54xx series, or more popular, a cheap all in one bridge
rectifier from the KBPC series or the like.  While inexpensive, their
ability to allow modules futher down the line to perform at their best
is severely affected.  

In order to attain ultimate performance in this area we have
selected the well known, more expensive, Schottky series of
rectifiication diodes. Named after the German physicist, Walter H.
Schottky, these components allow higher musical performance
due to much faster switching and zero reverse recovery transients. 
A few of the qualities of Les Wolstenholme's diminutive PCB layout
and materials are:

High quality PCB with minimal length, high current tracks
Individual, high current (20 Ampere) Schottky diodes
Easy, no soldering, push on connectors

Suited to a vast array of designs, for use on output sections or
front end only designs, the simple modular design lends itself
perfectly to those who would like to try them in their own build.
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