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A brand new edition of the unique Avondale Audio zero feedback,
single ended, transconductance design.

The circuit, designed by Les Wolstenholme, is a simplified version
of that used in the well-known and revered 'Graduation One'
preamplifier. This edition of the best selling 821 has been specially
voiced for owners of Naim Audio preamplifiers who desire a greater
level of musical clarity than the existing 321 modules can attain.

Drawing upon a wealth of knowledge and experience Avondale
Audio has brought this deceptively simple circuit up to higher levels
of audio performance, aswell as managing to bring the price right

A few of the immediate upgrades in the layout and materials are:

Revised component position results in a vastly reduced
signal path and reduced noise
Superior sounding military grade brass cased tantalum
capacitors used in the signal path
High quality, tight tolerance metal film resistors
High quality Nippon Chemicon Electrolytic Capactors
Premium polystyrene and polypropylene capacitors

Made for the Naim NAC32, NAC32.5 and NAC72 models as well
as our own Avondale 821 Preamplifier.
For more information please download our brochure on our range of preamplifier modules.
Price is per matched pair